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Most Efficient and Rich Featured ODP

Our On Device Platform has been acclaimed by the most discerning cellular operators and device manufacturers alike.

This nifty app brings unparalleled VAS experience to the cheapest of the mobile devices. Rich with Live TV, fastest Content Discovery and One Click purchases, Astute ODP is clearly the ODP of choice for most cellcos and telcos!
Astute ODP is the mobile solution which provides hassle free access to mobile contents without complex WAP structure with easy user interface. MobileShop application, within Astute ODP, provides complete content store to the end user.MobileShop is available across all devices and acts as a container for mobile content such as games, wallpapers, applications, ring tones etc. The app is responsible for the content discovery, installation on subscriber’s mobile device. It allows users to browse a wide verity of content, preview them and purchase them. It is available for all devices / platforms ranging from VLE handsets to smart phones.This application is beneficial for subscribers in many ways as it provides unique way to access the required content at single entry point easily. Subscribers can easily find wallpapers, games, videos, themes, ringtones, text services, sports information, games, applications and many more.
Key Features
  • Versatile Content Type Support
  • Efficient Content Browser
  • Dynamic Menu
  • Integration with CMS
  • Billing Integrations
  • Ad Banners & RSS Feeds
  • Search
  • Intuitive UI

Rich Features

  • Inbuilt Mobile TV streaming
  • Direct Downloads of WPs/Tones
  • Inbuilt Video/Music streaming
  • Video Compatible even at VLE
  • Text to Voice Idle Screen Alerts
  • Irrespective any language support
  • Quick Widgets with Catche update
  • Offering Free Apps with non-intrusive banner ads @ PPV
  • Support Gesture Navigations
  • Voice Search within store front
  • Support in app browser
  • Prompt RSS feeds on Home Screen
  • Distinct Navigations for Content
  • One Icon for Content/Content Type
  • Support across all technology
  • All features available even at VLE

Benefits All
  • Drives mobile data revenues for Operators
  • Delivery of personalized mobile services
  • Ready and easy to use
  • Consistent customer experience, across a wide range of handsets.
  • Fast, seamless connection regardless of network type.
  • On device navigation
  • Fresh, relevant content is automatically available.
  • Dynamic User Experience, delivery & management
  • Seamless links to back-office systems such as billing, content management and WAP/SMS.
  • Broadens appeal of content-related services to new segments
  • Overcomes the usability issues associated with WAP network latency
  • Immersive full screen experience

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