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About Us

About us

Astute is one of the leading player in mobile value added services (VAS) and had been founded in early 2005. Since 2005, the company was extensively engaged in development of movie portals and Indian centric devotional apps, local games and exclusive catalog of regional apps irrespective of device support.

The company had extended it’s small movie portals to extensive On Device Portal (ODP) as Triple Play Storefront. It’s one of the unique kind of ODP which is focused on Triple Play strategies ie. targeting Voice (Voice Network Channel), Access (Data Channel) and Media (memory space available with device).

The company is known for it’s innovation to bring first time –

1. Launch of Devotional Interactive Apps in India
2. Launch of Live Stock Tracking Apps in India
3. Launch of Indian Games Series in India
4. Introduced Regional Games in local languages irrespective device support
5. World’s first Video on Demand for Very Low End (VLE) devices
6. The most successful ODP featuring VLE as well as Featured phones
7. Launch of India’s first Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) commercial mobile project for uplifting of underser communities.
8. Publishing and powering World’s first pre-voice Ad call platform ie. m-AdCall developed by m-AdCall Digital Media.
9. Launch of Indonesia’s most successful Gaming device platform along with Electronic Arts, PT Bakrie and Haier
10. India’s first Movie Streaming Phone with only Rs. 2/- per day (without any data charges) in association with MTS, Karbon and Hungama.
11. India’s laragest blog Big Adda’s mobile version developed for Big Adda
12. Middle East’s largest selling Islamic phone with Holy Quran and Holy Hadith in exclusive Uthmanic Arabic Phont Calligraphy
13. India’s first Ganesha and Fisher Friend phone.

Focus exclusively on ODP

With Huge Success across all above, Astute and it’s management had strategically decided in Early 2009 to get focus of the company towards it’s the most expertise area ie. rich On Device Portal (ODP) to make it globally success.

The company had achived 16 million registered users. 3 million and more Active monthly users and generating more than USD 15 million revenue for the telcos through it’s platform. The company is powering 8+ telcos’ ODP and exclusive Managed Service Partners(MSPs). The company is also closely working with OEMs and being awarded for millions of downloads and exclusive catalog of various innovative apps.

The company had developed it’s platform very flexible and can be integrated with any telcos within a month and can start generating revenue through our platform.

Our rich ODP solution consist of –

1. Rich Client Apps across all devices ranging VLE to super smartphones
2. Advanced Content Management System (CMS) with On line billing soloution (OCG)
3. Idle Screen Alerts
4. mShortcut (One Dial Content Disvery tool)
5. Integrated Mobile TV Streaming solution
6. Video and Music on Demand
7. Integrated Games and Apps portal
8. Integrated Ad Network
9. Partnered with m-AdCall for rich Video Ad integration
10. Advanced Reporting tool for Auto mailer and on-line Access.

Let’s create the most simpliefied discovery and Single platform to monetize your content.

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