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World’s First Pre-Call Ads on Mobile Screens

We are proud to announce the world’s first ever pre-roll app that brings full video advertisement experience to mobile screens.

Television was indeed a revolution. It made consumer-driven markets a reality. Advertising as a promotional medium couldn’t get any better. But it lacked the ability to generate an impulsive buying decision. It was time to change the way we looked at traditional models of promotion. The only change we added was to integrate the ability to make the customer take a buying decision within seconds of generating an impulse or desire. Maybe that’s why the idea of promotion was devised centuries back. The result is m-AdCall.(Pl. visit  for more information)

It’s not just path-breaking but a game-changer in true sense. It is activated before a phone call and culminates once the phone call is over. It’s probably the only time you may have maximum attention from your customer. It also generates the possibility of pushing customized promotional content to a customer based on his/her profile.

m-AdCall monetize any traffic including Voice Calls, SMS, Emails, Content Access, Browsing, CRBT, IVR, USSD, Games, Apps, Customer Care, Pre-paid balance enquiries, Switch on/off of any Screen, Pre-Call, Post Call etc through Interactive Video Ads across any digital gadgets.

Not only the smart screens but also the feature phones. Launched in India, the biggest mobile market in the world! The revolution begins. Mobile phone is the most prevalent communication medium on the planet today. With about 5 billion handsets, it far exceeds TV sets, Newspapers and Internet users put together.

It is ironic that while the most common use of a mobile phone is to talk, advertising on mobiles has not gone beyond data applications. m-Adcall, a revolutionary rich video ad platform, unlocks the biggest opportunity in mobile advertising. It is now possible to show a full length TV Commercial on a mobile screen whenever a user uses the phone. The ad can play before a call is made, after a call is made, before content is downloaded, or before internet is accessed.

The most exciting implication of this technology is in pre-voice call ad display. A user can now be shown an ad every time he dials a number. The mobile phone now becomes a video ad media more effective than a TV. This media space is created by subsidizing or even making free for the user, call charges, data plans or anything else on the mobile phone.

The effectiveness of mobile phone advertising will only increase as more and more people want free calls. And as ever more people are now able to afford mobile telephony, the media itself expands.

The free call phenomenon will create significant buzz with people referring their friends to the platform. The far reaching impact of this technology on the revenue models of telecom companies, reach of advertisers and the reach of communication services will, without doubt, create a lot of media interest too. The prime mover here will gain significant mind share and subsequently market share as well.

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