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Forms of ODP

Forms of ODP

Astute had created the basic architecutre of smart ODP across mobile, tablet, WAP and Web which is flexible and can be changed as per the fixed templates and keep adding new templates to use in various forms for the purpose of Telcos, OEMs, Content Publishers, Game Publishers, App Publishers and enterprises looking for advanced ODP for education, health, music, movies, videos, TV and many more.

Here are the few standard templates and success story of launch of various forms of ODP

1. On Device Platform (ODP) for telcos to sell wallpaper, ringtones, text and various VAS services
2. App Stores for telcos and App publishers for publishing various apps across various OS
3. Game Box for telcos and Game publishers for publshing various games and launching Gaming phone
4. MY Music Planet for telcos, OEMs and Music Content Providers for publishing Music and launching Music phones
5. My Movie Planet for telcos, OEMs and Movie Content Publishers for publising Movies and launching Movie phones
6. EduHub for OEMs and Education Content Partners for launching Education Tab as well as Smart Student phones

ODP consist of following modules

1. A Smart Client App with due support across all OS including VLE devices
2. CMS ie. Content Management System to support all kind of content text, images, music, videos etc.
3. OCG billing integration for telcos and Payment gateways for OEMs and Enterprises
4. Integration with existing Banner Ad Networks as well as Video Ad networks
5. Inbuild promotional tools of Idle Screen Alerts, mshortcut (one dial discovery), Rich Banners, Video Promo
6. Visible Analytics not only for reporting but also for tracking the trends of success
7. 24*7 online support and dedicated resource for solving the queries
8. 1 year free upgrade pack for ODP with 6 months warranty and free managed services

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